Regular P1,000 Raspberry P1,200

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Every chocolate chip cookie lover’s dream! A thick cookie that’s soft with a chewy crumb and an intense flavor bursting with three kinds of chocolate chips. Optional cookie toppings available. P1,080/dozen

Apple Crumble Cheesecake

A New York style baked cheesecake with sour cream topping crowned with a layer of apple crumble. A crowd favorite! 9″ diameter P2,300

Lemon Mascarpone Tart

A sweet and tangy tart filled with luscious lemon curd and topped with Mascarpone cream. 9″ diameter. P1,800

Pineapple Carrot Cake

A classic favorite, this moist and rustic cake is frosted with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. 8″ diameter. P1,450

Queso de Bola Sansrival

Voted as one of Manila’s best desserts! Almond meringue dacquoise, sandwiched between layers of yema buttercream, generously sprinkled with freshly grated queso de bola. 8″ diameter. P 1,500

Chocolate Truffle Cookies 

Soft, fudgy and bursting with dark chocolate intensity, there’s a reason why these have remained a cult favorite. 840/dozen

Truffle Honey Cheesecake

A New York-style baked cheesecake with sour cream topping then swirled with black truffle honey. 9″ diameter. Regular 2,300 With fruits, cheese and dark chocolate 3,000