Roasted Tomato Cream

Slow-roasted tomatoes and sofrito, cooked lovingly for two hours, all blended together into this warm and indulgent sauce. Perfect over pasta or thinned out with stock for a delicious tomato soup, stirred over risotto, combined with other ingredients for baked pastas and even as a base for sauces for chicken or seafood. P500/350ml

Gourmet Chorizo Recado

Our Bacolod-style Chorizo Recado is made from ground pork, garlic and herbs and spices. Zero preservatives and none of the extra fat. It’s the taste of home in your very own kitchen!   P400/500g

Chorizo Pasta Sauce

We’ve turned our popular Bacolod Chorizo Recado into this delicious pasta sauce. Simmered slowly with tomato sauce and a touch of cream, enjoy this over pasta or even as an accompanying sauce for chicken or seafood. P 500/350ml


Tangy, garlicky and so fragrant! Top on chicken, meat or seafood for an extra punch of flavor. P500/350ml

Handcrafted Cheese and Charcuterie Boards and Grazing Tables

Our Handcrafted Cheese and Charcuterie Boards and Grazing Tables are the perfect addition to any gathering. Minus the hassle but plus the luxe! Choose from our options below.   1. Mini Graze P1,200. Serves about 2. Consists of: Two types of cheese, one type of cured meat, jam, assorted nuts, dried and fresh fruit, crackers…